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Sunday, 1 November 2009

1st November 2009

Well the sky loooks black outside. Was out at 7 o'clock this morning for our usual walk and got absolutely soaked through - saved having a shower!!! Just in case I don't blog again this week ( am convinced my broadband provider is going to cut us off while the changeover occurs!) i just want to let you know that Misi ( Make it sell it) are holding their first craft fair at Paintworks in Bristol on Saturday 10.30 till 5.00 and I will be there with my bears of which I am going to brink along some of my early bears that I will sell real cheap. All the stallholders will only be selling handmade goods - jewellry, Art, wood, sewing, knitting, cards etc so there should be some fabulous original christmas presents there for you. So far I only know the postcode in Bristol which is BS4 3EH but it is in the Artisan quarter I believe and Bristol has some excellent shops and things to do there. Come and make a day of it :)

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  1. Dear Jean,

    Here is Marijke ...your bearfriend from Holland..
    Jean you little bears are so cut and sweet..
    I am in love with your lovely creations...they are ...Amazing!!!

    I hope to hear from you on my Blog...

    Sweet greetings and a big bearhug..
    Marijke van Ooijen