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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

21st September 2011

Oh gosh I am getting longer in between my very interesting and entertaining (NOT!) blogs!! This also is going to be a very short one just to let you know I am here, in the background, beavering away everyday bear making! I say bear making but recently I have been making more dog like bears than ever. I must show you these 2 incredibly sweet photos of Tabitha, a tri coloured fox terrier and the little Tabitha I made of her. The real Tabitha is 14 years old and a very much loved family member so I was pleased that her owner was happy with my mini version.
The new Teddy bears of Witney catologue came out this week and I am pleased to say that the little grey dog has almost sold out and I have been asked to make a similar edition in brown.
This time next week my daughter Amy will be on her way to Sicily for a year in her first proper paid job since finishing Uni this year. So far she still has no where to stay so if anyone knows anyone living in Castelbuono, Sicily PLEASE contact me so that I can stop worrying!! I have just made her a mini Soldier Bear to take with her.
Don't forget to take a look at where the artist Helen Jones  has packs of Little Scruffs notelets for sale. If you want paintings or drawings of your dog/bear/bike/house, the list goes on- see what she creates.
Well that's all for now, hopefully next time I will have more information about the book of short stories coming out for Christmas  by Dot Taig which includes a story on the Little Scruffs