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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

16th November 2010 A Bear Blog

Gosh, just noticed it has actually been just over a month since I last blogged! What with so many different online social outlets it is hard to know whether just to concentrate on one avenue or go with everything. If I was a more organised person I would do them all but spread them out so as not to bore and bombard people with my drivel!!

It isn't as if I have anything interesting to say actually. I have had a strange couple of months bearwise. After an incredible 2 years of flat out bear making I have gone pretty quiet on the website. People are still asking for custom orders and as always my customers are fantastic and make me so happy to be doing what I do. There are still a couple of days left for free postage.
I think it is about time I did a free bear competition so will be sorting that out for before Christmas.
Bye for now
Jean and the Little Scruffs