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Friday, 20 August 2010

20th August 2010

Well I am pleased to say I have at last finished an order for 25 bears all the same! As I was putting the finishing touches to the last one I had an email asking for 20 of one of the bears off the website and I didn't know whether to be happy or not as I love doing just what comes to me. But after a bit of investigation I am unsure if it is a genuine enquiry so I might not have to make that decision.
Got a couple of moans about services this week. I sent a Royal Mail Special next day delivery to my daughter on Saturday and 6 days later it appears to have gone missing without trace with important documents in it. Thankfully I have never had a bear go missing.
The other moan is also connected to my daughter. She lost her purse last weekend so on Saturday I cancelled all her bank cards and she ordered another card which the man said would take 2 -4 working days. As she was on her own in Bristol with no money he arranged an emergency payment which cost £5. When the card didn't arrive by yesterday I rang them and he hadn't even ordered it and the bank said well she could just go into a branch there and withdraw money at no cost! So that man if you are reading this- have a nice day!!
I am off to post Little Scruffs around the world today, one is going to America, one Australia and one Wales. I was very pleased to send a couple to Honalulu recently. I always wanted to go to Hawaii as a child and the bears going was the next best thing!!
I am excited about doing a swop with a fabulous Dutch artist. The bear is going to be a surprise but I know it will be wonderful as he makes divine bears. I will post a photo when I receive him.
I am off to France again in September but this time I am going to try and keep my website updated and even send the bears from there. I will post on the bears page nearer the time. You are welcome also to reserve bears. If you are a new customer I ask for a deposit of £10 to reserve.
It's a bit rainy here today in Evesham. Have a nice weekend everyone
Little Scruffs