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Friday, 11 September 2009

11th September 2009

Phew that's the last bear I am making for Hugglets Bear Fair on Sunday. I have been making non stop for over 2 weeks now and am exhausted!! I have really missed putting the bears on my site and chatting to everyone so I don't think I will be doing many more fairs this year apart from the Misi Event in Bristol on 7th November.
Amy, my lovely daughter, is going to Milan on Tuesday to start her uni year abroad and still has nowhere to live. She has had someone contact her regarding a flat over there which seemed just a little bit to good to be true and it turned out it was a scam. Luckily she sussed it out but the person was so convincing.
Anna, my other lovely daughter, has started her teacher training this week so she is experiencing 9 till 5 - a strange thing for students!!
Mike and I are staying in London tomorrow so that I don't have to get up too early. Unfortunately he agreed to take me before he realised Birmingham City (his team)were playing Aston Villa!!!
Thank you everyone for being so supportive and I will be putting bears on the site again next week. :)