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Little Scruffs would love you to come and visit the website as cyberspace can be very lonely for tiny bears!!!!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

31st May 09

What a disastrous fair I have just been to. It was such a shame because I think we all wasted a day. It was soooo hot and we were tucked away from everyone and just no-one came along. Needless to say we all packed up and left early. Oh well, met some nice people at least.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Forgot to say

Forgot to say that the red bear I put up yesterday sold!! I have dyed some mohair a lovely yukky greeny blue and might do another odd eyed bear, there is something rather appealing about bears that are old and well loved!

29th May - sneak preview

I have just finished a bear and can't upload it to the site tonight due to hosting problems but I will put him up here now. Not a very good photo as it is night time and also Ted looks much nicer in real life. He is under 4" tall including his ears and he has a hanging head and strange button in one eye.
Further details tomorrow

Thursday, 28 May 2009

28th May

Well my block has gone ,thank goodness, due to a chance rummage through my sewing box. I am now making a very different bear to my other Little Scruffs . I have completed the head but until it is on the body I am not sure what the end result will be although I am getting rather excited!!!!

28th May09

Just put Smithy on my site- having a block with knowing who to make next????? I have just spent a couple of hours tuning a television for my daughters' bedroom!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

27th May 2009

I am nearing the end of a red vintage velvet 'Fat Head' which I am making with someone in mind. I have got to take the 2 Jack Russells out in a bit that I walk for a disabled lady through a charity called The Cinnamon Trust. they are right little characters. Matty is only young and not used to meeting other dogs so he is a bit of a nightmare with them and Scruffy plays deaf alot just totalling ignoring you when you call him - he is obsessed with trees. I will take photos of them today.
We also take Sophie a large Airdale out. She is gorgeous, just like a cuddly teddy bear but very strong and she belongs to a tiny 90 year old lady. I really don't know how she copes. Dorothy is a lovely lady and really has her wits about her. The other day a rough looking woman knocked on her door and asked if she could use the loo. Dorothy said " You must be joking - if I let you in the dog would go for you straight away - anyway there is a toilet opposite in the park!!!" Sophie would actually have licked her to bits lol

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mr Nobody!!

I have been trying out a new bear this week- thought he could be the first of my 'Nobody' bears!! He is just a protype but thought I would give you a peep - you have to laugh! He is made from mohair and string jointed so his arms and little legs do move. Would like to know what you think. Just about to start another little bear now as they have been popular this week.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Bear

Just a quick blog to say almost finished bear that will go on the site tomorrow. I have got loads of new ones in my head and hopefully won't have too many distractions this week so will be able to crack on with them.
Had a night out with the girls I used to work with on Friday and a trip to Bristol to see my daughter on Saturday plus a very long walk with friends today so that's it for a few days for me - back in hibernation tomorrow!!
On the last day of this month I will be at Evesham Arts Centre which is just up the road from me. It is an open day Art for All where there will be all sorts of arts,crafts, drama demonstrations etc. I will put details on my Fair page tomorrow

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

6th May

Well I have been a rubbish blogger this week - where has time gone to?? The bank holiday I spent teaching and I am in the middle of 2 new designs - at this stage I have no idea if they are going to work or not!! I certainly hope so.
I have just realised that I haven't changed my sale of the week either so I will be doing that tomorrow - haven't decided which one yet.
I now have a whole room all to myself to fill (okay it already is!!) with bearmaking supplies. I have been sharing a small part of it with my husbands' tools and rubbish but he has now been sent up in the loft! I might be able to decide a bit quicker what I am going to use now it is on display - sadly I won't be able to convince anyone that I need more mohair!
I shall try and get a new bear up by tomorrow night so it's good night from me

Saturday, 2 May 2009

2nd May

I am having trouble uploading photos today so i will put a photo here of Bobby which appears as a cross on my bear page.