Please come and visit the Little Scruffs on my website

Little Scruffs would love you to come and visit the website as cyberspace can be very lonely for tiny bears!!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Where is the sun?

We have friends coming over this evening. Whenever we go to theirs Pat always cooks a delicious meal. Tonight the weather was supposed to be beautiful so I thought I could do a crafty and go for a drive in the country- get fish & chips followed by a walk by the river. I was cooking a pud I am not that bad (well actually is strawberries & cream cooking??) but it is really dull here. Sun come out now!!! I have added Fritz to the website today, a cute little Fat head

have a good weekend all xxx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Forgot to add these photos

I forgot to add these 2 lovely photos that were sent me of some Little Scruffs in the garden of their new home. Beautiful photography by David- thank you

15th June 2009

Can't believe we are half way through June already. I have just added Miles to my site, a real saggy old looking one with a big head.
Last week I went to a bear fair as a customer, had a go on the raffle and won an artist bear! He arrived today and is lovely.
I seem to have a thing about my local community centre/police station (Grr) yesterday Mike (hubby) went for a bike ride - fell off really hurting his leg and arm- and somehow managed to loose his keys. I followed his route on a very long walk but only managed to find someone's credit card!
Today I went to the community centre - huge queues, gave up and phoned instead. the operator said no-one was answering and we proceeded to have a moan about how stupid the system is. I said no-one would have waited in the queue to hand the keys in anyway! - rant over.
I have just taken Sophie the lovely Airdale a walk and am now wondering what sort of bear to make. maybe a small one?? Think I might have a mooch in charity shop for inspiration first and buy a teapot - gone mad on Earl Grey Green Tea.
love to everyone and if you want me to make certain style,colour of bear ask away - I never make you buy them if they are not what you expected!!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday 5th June09

Sweet little Pete has just been finished. He is only 3" tall and fully jointed. I have just sold Max and he is going to a very good home with lots of his brothers already there.
I am having another - "I don't know what to make" day!! I have just cut out a new design but still something is telling me to do something else?? Any suggestions welcome Lol
Maybe a panda - I shall go and have a rummage in a bit.
I have just come back from feeding the ducks - I always try and make sure the lovely mallards have more than the Canadian geese & swans - they are so sweet :)