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Monday, 5 March 2012

5th March 2012

5th March 2012

Well it has been a week since Hugglets and life has not been dull!! The Fair was a fantastic day and I met some great people, some who I had been corresponding with online for years and some who I met for the first time last Sunday. Like the 92 year old lady who was telling me that when she was 4 years old she went to visit her “boyfriend” with her Mother. After they had left her Mother asked her what she had got under her coat and she had to confess that she had stolen the little boy’s teddy bear!

A couple of years ago I made a surprise bear from a mum to her daughter. The daughter had lost her beloved bear and her mum sent me photos for me to copy him. The mum and the daughter (with the bear of course!) made a special trip to meet me last week all the way from Spain! It was a very special moment.

I am not going to mention names as I have such a bad memory I am sure I would miss someone special out but I did have 3 ladies come up to me and say hi Jean I’m Nicky which got me right confused!

And finally I was very excited to meet at last, the lovely David and Norman, (did I say I wasn’t going to mention any names??) 2  well established authors who are in the middle of writing a book on bears and the Little Scruffs have  hopefully got themselves major parts!  I will keep you informed.

We stayed overnight in London and then travelled down to France the next day, arriving at our cottage at 10.30pm. Mike had been on his own the visit before and the water had been cut off so we were pleased to discover when we turned on that we had water for a much needed cuppa. If only we had known! Half hour later after unpacking the car  etc we opened the door to the bathroom and laundry area to find it completely flooded. After turning the water off again we retired to bed- a very damp bed where I was convinced that Mike had put wet sheets on! So day 2 started with me with a stinking cold and Mike fixing one leak after the other- oh and maybe even worse finding that my hair straighteners wouldn’t work!!!

I have been making some of my orders while I have been here and whenever I do repeat bears my mind starts wondering and trying to think up  new styles. I bought a vintage dog from a car boot when I was here before and thought I would have a go at doing one similar to him which had the body and legs all one piece and a jointed head. Well here is a photo of the first prototype - he needs lots of adjustments including longer arms   but I thought I would show you what I spent the last 24 hours doing. I think his better half will be on hold for a while.
Well bye for now and speak soon
Little Scruffs