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Monday, 11 July 2011

20th May since I last blogged!!!!

Today is the 11th July 2011- nearly 2 months since I last blogged!!! Where did that time go? The bears have been taking all my time up and I realise that my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social sites I am on have taken a back seat. That said, I feel very lucky that I have such a wonderful job and that the bears are  being adopted by so many people.
I am off to France again on 27th July for a month and this time  will be definitely using a courier service for sold bears. If anyone reading this has any suggestions as to the best service to use while over there I would be very grateful.
Today's bear is Martha, above, a girl bear for a change. Yesterday I went to a car boot and bought some old wooden blocks and carts, they were just the thing for the 2 bears I had just finished 
Finally, if I haven't bored you already, I must tell you how proud we are of our daughter Amy who has just finished Uni with a 1st Degree Honours in Italian and Spanish with a Distinction.  Now who else can I tell!!!!
That's all from me for now
Little Scruffs