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Sunday, 13 May 2012

13th May 2012
When  I get round to doing my blog it always seems to be on a Sunday. Even though Sundays shouldn't be any different to me as I work every day, somehow they are.
 I haven't actually blogged for over 2 months which I find hard to believe so I had better try and find something interesting to talk about!!! Now what has been going on - let me think?
Actually not that much. I have had a pretty quiet month on the website as I have been getting up to date with orders and making a few more unusual bears so that Norman, the Photographer has got lots of choice for the book. In fact I have just made a 15 inch bear which seems enormous after the 3" one I made last week!
Here is the little one with his parents

We have put our property up for sale again - horror of horrors we have to try and keep it tidy! Working from home  makes it almost impossible- I CANNOT be restricted- I like to be surrounded by all my fur and tools so  after every viewing  I  am trying to find  lost bits and bobs!
The girls are great. Have just returned my grandkitten to Anna who has been away the weekend. Amy is just coming to the end of her teaching year in Sicily and has managed to find herself another teaching job which will see her through another year with minimum hours and lots of beach time!!!!

I will sign off for now, thanks for looking
Little Scruffs