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Little Scruffs would love you to come and visit the website as cyberspace can be very lonely for tiny bears!!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

22nd October 2009

Hello everyone, I really don't get to blog very often- what with flickr, twitter, Misi and of course my website, and that's before I start bearmaking lol . Anyway I thought I had better blog today just in case I have trouble getting into my website. Now this is because today my husband Mike retires and the company he works for have paid all broadband bills etc. Somehow I have a feeling that when we change over there will be problems and we will be without internet for a while. I really hope not but just in case, I will go to internet cafes to check emails but may not be able to access my website to make changes. Should be able to blog though.
I will leave it for now.
Hugs from me and the Little Scruffs

Sunday, 4 October 2009

5th October 2009

I have just finished a tiny old bear with long arms and very different proportions to what I have been making recently. I am out today so hope to get him on my site tonight. Hope you had a good weekend :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's the 1st of October 2009!!!

Gosh where does time go to?? The last few weeks have been so busy for me. Hugglets was a lovely experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I have been busy with orders and have now got myself up to date but I do so wish I had a little slave that I could say " Tidy up my work room, untangle all the cottons etc that are in such a mess, do my paperwork and don't forget the oven needs cleaning" too!!!!

The good website guide is asking people to choose their favourite website. The winner is able to do lots of improvements with their site so I thought if anyone fancies voting for mine I could make it so much better lol. I myself have actually voted for but I would be very grateful for a few votes myself. ( You would need to go to by the way)

I finished Peanut last night but can't seem to take a good photo of him .

On the personal side I went to my nieces wedding on Sunday which was fabulous and a good chance to get all the family together and went to a Clairvoyance event a couple of days ago with a friend (Such utter rubbish. Talk about clutching at straws lol)

Hope all is well with you. Speak soon xxxxjean & Little Scruffs