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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5th April 2011

Well I am half way through my holiday- did I say holiday??? We have bought a run down cottage in France – my husband’s dream for many years and now he has retired I couldn’t put him off any longer!!!

Back home in England he has been doing most of the domestic chores while I make bears all day. I have been thoroughly spoilt and it is a bit of a shock to the system to have to clean and cook now especially as there is no dishwasher!!!

I spent the first few days making curtains and various items and we are working flat out to make it look as nice as possible as we have our first visitors next week. Luckily it is only our daughters!!

We are both so useless at French. Mike went to night school last year to learn it and I am sure he went to Spanish classes by mistake!!! Our cottage is in a little Hamlet with shops about half a mile away. Our neighbours who speak no English are lovely to us and we all have our dictionaries at hand.

When we arrived we gave Germaine, out next door neighbour, a tin of biscuits. The next day we went to have our breakfast and realised we had given her the wrong tin!!!! In the one we gave her there was a few prunes, half a bag of nuts and about 4 apricots!! Still laughing about it now.

I have just added Antoinette to my website.

I will say bye for now and hope to add more bears in the next few days