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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

22nd November 2011

What's been going on in the month since I last blogged? probably the reason I haven't blogged before is that apart from working flat out on the bears I haven't had a chance to do anything else!I hate keeping people waiting and I don't like having a long order book  so I forfeited a month in France for getting up to date. It wasn't really a hardship though as I do love it and I am very grateful that I have such brilliant collectors and work coming in.Even more heart warming for me is that so many people tell me that the bears seem to have healing qualities for them
Meanwhile my daughters have a much more exciting life!! Amy , who recently graduated, has a job with the British Council working in Sicily. I don't think I could go off completely on my own to a new country but she is amazing. She has settled in very well and everyone has been very kind to her. She has had some hairy moments but is thoroughly enjoying herself. The town she is living in still has donkeys collecting the rubbish! I am looking forward to visiting her shortly.
Anna is on the move again this weekend to a new home. Luckily she doesn't live so far away so we can still see her easily.
Try not to race around too much with all the Christmas festivities coming up ladies- I say ladies as I am sure 99% of men don't even realise Christmas cards have to be written, presents bought before Christmas Eve etc etc!!!