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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July 2012
Well since my last blog I am pleased to report that my website is now sorted. A big "Thank you" to David Smith who sorted in minutes what  my hosting company and me couldn't between us in 9 days!
I just got the website up and running when Mike and I came down with a horrible virus (I was far worse than he was of course!!!) All okay now so lets get these bears and dogs born ! 
I seem to be making more dogs than ever at the moment and I was pleased to be asked to make a dachshund. I do groan a bit inwardly when asked to make specific styles of bears and dogs as they do take such a lot more planning and work   but it does push me on and adds variety.
Lucky is a vintage looking dog that I finished today.

I am taking a break for a couple of weeks at the beginning of August. I am saying that now so that I am not tempted to just keep going !!! Really I have to finish all my orders and I know it will clear my head and stop me stressing about them if I get them out of the way.

Bye for now
Jean and the Little Scruffs