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Thursday, 19 November 2009

19th November 2009

Is anyone else finding that the hours in their day are getting shorter?!?! It is scary how quickly time goes by isn't it? Not sure what I have been doing since the last blog but the bears seem to be taking longer thank usual, perhaps I am on the computer too long (mmmm that could be it)
Just recently I seem to be making a traditional, then a doglike bear, then 'Fat Head' and back to the traditional although please don't ask for an identical one as I am changing my patterns nearly every time I make a bear and I am so disorganised that I just draw new head etc on card and put it in with all the others, never knowing which one is which. New Years resolution, well one of them had better be to make more notes and stop being so untidy!!

Amy, my daughter who is at Uni in Milan, had her purse stolen on the tram the other day. She was miles from anywhere and didn't have a penny, or ticket to get her home. I contacted the bank and they were so unhelpful. Considering we live practically next door to them, both have accounts with them for years would they listen. "She has to ring us herself" me "But she has no money & a pay as you go phone with hardly anything on it and it costs her 73p a minute to phone, can't you phone/text her?" "No" Grrrrrr
Finished Pud today and have started an alpaca bear now.
Hope all is good with you
Nite Nite from me & the Little Scruffs

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