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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

8th September 2010

What a nightmare not having internet§ My usual internet cafe attached to supermarket is on holiday for a week, I came to this place yesterday and it was closed and was told about another internet cafe. I went in with my laptop only to find it was a graphic design office specialising in internet sites§§§ Anyway I shall have to wait until next Monday to add photos of new bears when I can use my laptop again.
All is good here in France and our neighbours are superb. Whoever said the French don,t like us? Everyone is so helpful especially as we are so rubbish at french.
I have neary finished a large tradition bear in the style of Cath but in a rust vintage velvet it is one of my favourites I have to say.
I shall keep in touch over the next " weeks;
Little Scuffs

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