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Sunday, 19 September 2010

19th September

hat a lovely weekend this has been. It is glorious weather here in France although very cold in the mornings. I have plums, grapes, peaches and apples coming out of my ears from nice neighbours and our own trees, a bit different from back home with no garden!!! Just a short message to let you know that Barney, Paris and Kensington are no longer available from my website. Hopefully I will be back down here tomorrow to add a couple of new bears that I haven't yet photographed.

We are renovating our cottage and there isloads to do but I am just adding a photo of a little unit we found in a second hand shop and all the bits and bobs we have found in charity shops or I have made that goes with it. We have also found a 1950's kitchen unit in blue. I used to hate them but hopefully think it will go nicely in our kitchen
bye for now

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  1. your life in france sounds idyllic, hope you continue to enjoy it,
    joy xx