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Monday, 15 June 2009

15th June 2009

Can't believe we are half way through June already. I have just added Miles to my site, a real saggy old looking one with a big head.
Last week I went to a bear fair as a customer, had a go on the raffle and won an artist bear! He arrived today and is lovely.
I seem to have a thing about my local community centre/police station (Grr) yesterday Mike (hubby) went for a bike ride - fell off really hurting his leg and arm- and somehow managed to loose his keys. I followed his route on a very long walk but only managed to find someone's credit card!
Today I went to the community centre - huge queues, gave up and phoned instead. the operator said no-one was answering and we proceeded to have a moan about how stupid the system is. I said no-one would have waited in the queue to hand the keys in anyway! - rant over.
I have just taken Sophie the lovely Airdale a walk and am now wondering what sort of bear to make. maybe a small one?? Think I might have a mooch in charity shop for inspiration first and buy a teapot - gone mad on Earl Grey Green Tea.
love to everyone and if you want me to make certain style,colour of bear ask away - I never make you buy them if they are not what you expected!!!

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