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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

27th May 2009

I am nearing the end of a red vintage velvet 'Fat Head' which I am making with someone in mind. I have got to take the 2 Jack Russells out in a bit that I walk for a disabled lady through a charity called The Cinnamon Trust. they are right little characters. Matty is only young and not used to meeting other dogs so he is a bit of a nightmare with them and Scruffy plays deaf alot just totalling ignoring you when you call him - he is obsessed with trees. I will take photos of them today.
We also take Sophie a large Airdale out. She is gorgeous, just like a cuddly teddy bear but very strong and she belongs to a tiny 90 year old lady. I really don't know how she copes. Dorothy is a lovely lady and really has her wits about her. The other day a rough looking woman knocked on her door and asked if she could use the loo. Dorothy said " You must be joking - if I let you in the dog would go for you straight away - anyway there is a toilet opposite in the park!!!" Sophie would actually have licked her to bits lol

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