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Friday, 9 April 2010

9th April 2010

My baby is 21 today!!! We visited her in Spain where she is at uni a few days ago. She is on her way to Paris for a few days as I speak but is not very well at all poor thing. I hope the antibiotics work so that she doesn't have a ruined holiday, at least she can't drink!

I haven't been able to put as many bears on the website as usual as I have quite a backlog of orders. We also have just put our apartment on the market and are in the process of buying a house in France. My husband is trying to persuade me to live there permanantly but that is not going to happen!!! So if anyone wants a huge flat in the middle of a town (Evesham) but very private with a roof garden going cheap let me know!!!
The weather here in England is looking really good, must do a carboot to have a clear out. Have a great weekend everyone
Jean & the Little Scruffs


  1. happy birthday to your daughter, my third son was 21 earlier this year, so we were pregnant at the same time!
    my husband would like to live in france too, but its only a pipe dream - I think!(hope?)

  2. Hey Joy he can go & live with my hubby lol
    Is your 21 year old your youngest then? My 2 are as good as gold but I think I worry about them more now than ever- mind you they are all over the place, perhaps that's why!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes for her now get knitting!!

  3. Oooo! Your flat in Evesham sounds marvelous, I'd do it!!! I'd love to move far, far away from it all. AAwwww, new beginnings!!!

  4. Ha ha KellyJo I love my flat it is really big and private but as it is above 2 shops it makes it far less valuable so I will probably end up with something really poky! I have moved lots in the past- remote Island also Spain but I don't fancy learning new language now I am old & grey lol *_*

  5. Please don't go Jean, I will bribe your husband with cake!

  6. Ha ha it might take 2 pieces Jean!!!