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Monday, 26 April 2010

26th April 2010

I keep starting this blog & not finishing it!!!! I hope everyone had a nice Easter and you weren't stranded abroad anywhere. I have a friend who went to South Africa for 3 weeks and she will have been there 6 weeks by the time she gets back poor thing. It is a good job our visit to Valencia to see our daughter was only for a few days. She loves it there but she has so many things go wrong that I can't wait for her to come home!!! While we were there she had her purse stolen with her front door keys in. Unfortunately her flat mates were away on holiday and she couldn't get back in for a few days. We bought her a new camera as part of her 21st present and withing 2 weeks she has had that stolen as well. I think by the sounds of it there are professional thieves going round these packed clubs and no-one seems to do anything about it. I say stay in and stop your mum worrying!!!!
The bears are going well and I am still ploughing through shop orders. i have added new ones today so I hope you can take a look.
We have our property on the market so I am having to try really hard to stay tidy- it is not me, I like having everything around me so I know where it is. Whenever anyone comes to see the house it takes me ages to find where I hid all the mohair etc!!!
For all of you who have to "proper work" you will be having an extra day for bank holiday soon so enjoy
Hugs from the Little Scruffs and me

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