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Monday, 11 January 2010

11th January 2010

The 11th January 2010!!!!!! I really haven't been hibernating, it's much too nice walking out there in the snow. Here in Evesham we hardly ever get any so it has been a real treat. We have had an extra week with our daughter Anna as her uni has been closed and Amy was lucky enough to have no delays with her flight back to milan.

I have been keeping busy with the bears doing orders and as the last few days have been pretty quiet I might get around to sending a newsletter out!! I have been trying to do a proper newsletter for months now without much success and always seem to bungle it up. I long for one of the girls to bring home a new boyfriend and him to be a brilliant computer expert who would sit with me for hours showing me what to do!!!

I will be at Hugglets in London again at the end of February and at the moment need a bit of inspiration to make something different . Think I need to tour the Charity shops, often see something there!

Intentions this year, apart from the old diet thing, is to be more organised, post more blogs and make even more bears!!!!

Keep well everyone, and thank you for looking AND if you make a comment I will answer you or give you 10% off Lol


  1. It's nice your getting snow you normally don't get. Funny thing, here, we're NOT getting the snow we normally get. It's like spring. :P Weird!
    Anyway, I adore your bears, and can't wait to see more.

  2. Ah thank you so much Kelly. I have added more today so will blog about them later :)