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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Mrs Angry!!!

Went a walk in park earlier. It was about 5.45 when we got to the busy childrens play area where we encountered a group of drunken idiots sitting close by. One chap was having a pee up a tree and blatently exposing himself to the children. I shouted at him and he gave me a mouthful of abuse. A Polish man came up to us with his daughter and told us that he had phoned the police at 5 o'clock because they were driving across the grass where the children were and being abusive. Now.... the police station is 3 minutes away!! We charged up there and told them what was happening. The woman on the desk couldn't open the door to tell a policeman to go and sort them out, she had to ring whoever they have to ring. The conversation she had with whoever she was talking to was just ridiculous. She kept having to explain where the incident had occurred and it appeared they didn't know where it was. She then mentioned that 6 o'clock was changeover so they were being briefed before they went on duty - couldn't help wondering if this was why no-one had turned up earlier, perhaps they didn't want overtime! She told them I wanted to them to call me - it is now 9.44 and not a peek! Rant over

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  1. OMG that is disgraceful!!!! what is the country coming too when police can't be bothereed to deal with something like that!