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Friday, 20 May 2011

20th May 2011

Phew what a busy few weeks it's been! I have got one day to get everything packed to take to France for a month and I am hoping I don't forget any vital bearmaking stuff- clothes you can buy if necessary, bear equipment not so easy to come by! I have also got to leave our flat spotless  as our friends are staying while we are away. I wish Mike was as enthusiastic about housework as he is DIY!!
This is Bong
This little chap caused quite a headache for me last night. Within a few minutes of him going on the website I had 4 emails from people wanting to adopt him! It was a nice headache to have though :0)
I have been doing quite a few smaller bears recently,  around about 3". I am taking a couple of huge bears(well they are to me!) to make on holiday, not sure if I will get round to doing them but they have been on my wanting to do list for ages. They are not my patterns and I shall be making them just for myself, which is why I probably wont get round to it.
My daughter, Amy had her last ever lesson at Uni today after 4 years there. I think she felt quite sad. She has lots of exams over the next few weeks and then she will be living in London for 3 months while working (unfortunately unpaid) for a company that deals in film subtitles - the job she would love to do most, especially as they have offices in Rome and Barcelona.
Anna, my other daughter , while still working in a school is also doing a Masters in Education , hoping this will help her with future jobs as teaching is so competitive at the moment.
I have been on a bit of a keep fit binge recently. Sitting on your backside sewing all day is not good for the figure and although I have always walked twice a day it hasn't helped as I do love my food. So I am now swimming twice a week, 40 lengths each time, and by cutting out rubbish food have managed to lose 1 stone 6 lbs this year. Trouble is I am not so good in France so we will see how I go.
Remember if you want to reserve a bear while I am away please drop me an email.


  1. enjoy france, and well done on the weight loss,
    joy x x

  2. Ah have a great time, wish I was coming with you, we could bear make all day and eat !!! LOL xx

  3. Thanks Joy and Sue wouldn't it be fabulous- give that money earning job up to be poor but bearmake all day like me lol. You would be very welcome!