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Friday, 4 February 2011

4th February 2011

10 days to go until Valentines Day and I have discovered there really are some lovely romantic men out there!! No sadly my husband isn't one of them - imagination is not one of his better qualities!
What I meant was the men that contact me asking for special bears for their other halves and so much thought goes into what they want. Not quickly rushing out to get chocolates the day before!! I can't go into details as I might just spoil it for someone  but well done to all the romantics out there.

Hopefully now my communication problems are over and broadband and the phoneline is now working as normal. Sorry if you have had any problems getting in touch.
off to a pantomine tomorrow- don't even know what I am seeing but I know it will be fun as it is my old drama group- yes and they are getting old too!!!
3 weeks until Hugglets Bear Fair in Kensington, London.Please let me know if you would like tickets, it really is the 'best' fair ever
Have a good weekend everyone

Jean and  the Little Scruffs

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