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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1st June 2010

It's the 6th month already!!!! Where have those month gone to?? The little bear above sitting in the life buoy belt is on ebay at the moment-(vintage style miniature mohair bear) He is one of my favourite styles of bears and I love making them- the tattier the better. I seem to be getting more requests for dog like bears recently though.

Mike and I were walking past our local cafe and antique shop The Gateway, the other day and saw a wooden unit for sale. I went in to enquire about the price and this old bear was sitting amongst some old dolls. I just couldn't resist him :) Oophs he has gone to the start of the blog???
We have just bought a cottage in France. It wasn't my idea at all but it's been Mike's dream for a few years. We haven't got a stick of furniture in it and it needs loads of work doing to it. I am trying to get hubby to understand that making it habitable would be the best idea to tempt me over there, not doing the garden!!!!!! Will post some photos next blog
Enjoy June and speak soon. If you want to be notified of new bears please let me know or go to my website


  1. oh jean, the bear at the top reminds me of my own 62 year old bear (threadbear)

  2. I just love the old ones don't you? I have 2 others almost identical to him, one is smaller, so they are a happy family now!!!! :)