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Little Scruffs would love you to come and visit the website as cyberspace can be very lonely for tiny bears!!!!

Friday 20 December 2013

20th  December  2013

I would like to thank you for your custom in 2013  and wish you a very Merry Christmas and  an exciting, happy New Year. Thank you for making Little Scruffs a part of your life, whether by adopting bears and animals , or just by being supportive . It means so much to me.
Take Care
Big Hugs
Jean and the Little Scruffs

Monday 2 December 2013

2nd December  2013

Hello and welcome to this months blog

. Last month went by in a flash for Little Scruffs  and it was the best month ever thanks to you.
I have just heard from the two writers who have done such a wonderful job on the bear book- unfortunately we still haven't got that elusive publisher yet but they are determined it is too good to give up on and they  continue to send  the book out to various agents
Here are a few bears added recently, including a new  design called The Visitors who come with their own little leather suitcase. (Which  my husband as taken over making!)

I am sure there is lots I should be telling you about but I think I had better start a new bear or maybe a dog  quickly  just in case the  viewing on our home today turns out positive like the Estate Agent thinks it will

Don't forget you can reserve bears if you are interested. Just drop me an email

Hugs for now from Little Scruffs

Saturday 19 October 2013

19th October 2013

Wow a new blog in less than a month!! Now what have I been up to? We have just come back from a working holiday in France. We had our great friends Rob & Wendy helping us and managaed a couple of days out too. Visited the village of Oradour where over 600 villagers were killed  in June 1944. the village which was burned down on the same day remains the same today. If you get chance take a look at the website relating to it.- so sad
I managed to squeeze quite a few bears out as well and now have a few months where I will concentrate just on them.
This weekend we have our youngest daughter Amy with us and her boyfriend from Sicily. We enjoyed a night at our local Arts Centre last night watching "We will Rock You"  I love watching Amateur dramatics, wish I could still remember lines these days  to do it myself, but that is now in the past (Although I still remember my opening lines as Dandini at the Old Rep in Birmingham over 30 years ago lol!!)
Back to bears and dogs etc. Here are a few of this months Little Scruffs

Until next time,
Bye for now
Jean and the Little Scruffs

Monday 23 September 2013

23rd September 2013

Another couple of months have passed me by!! If you ever want to know what is happening with the Little Scruffs please just go to my website which I update regularly as my poor blog is very often left for months at a time. Also if you would like to be the first to be  notified when new bears, dogs and other creatures go onto my website please email me to go onto the list  

I have dropped off lots of new dogs and cats at Teddy Bears of Witney today ready for when their catologue comes out which this year should be  the end of October. I will send photos of mine in the next Newsletter or blog

The little chic above is my latest creation who I do think is rather cute. I am also working on bears and other animals on wheels

Here are a couple that are available on my website at the moment so please do take a look at these and others

I hope you have a good week and thanks for looking at my blog

Friday 5 July 2013

5th July 2013

5th July 2013

A dog, a cat and 2 or 3 bears . Just a few of the creations made in Little Scruffs land in the last few weeks. Please go to the website to see what else is new.
I always feel a bit strange writing about what I have been up to as I don't think anyone would really want to know lol. We have had a week in Spain visiting family and at the other end of the scale we hired The Rug Doctor, carpet cleaner today- how exciting !!!! It worked very well.

This is just a very quick catch up blog . We are having lots of sunshine here in the UK at the moment so  I hope you are able to get out and make the most of it.

Thursday 16 May 2013

16th May 2013

Gosh my last blog was the end of March!! My apologies but I think more people look at my website than my blog  anyway .
I shall be doing a give away for an open mouthed, double jointed necked polar bear which I made many years ago from someone else's pattern this month. All you need to do is email me with your favourite Little Scruff or Little Scruff style bear?dog whatever from my website. The draw will be on 16th June so take your time in deciding . I will put photos of the bear up on the website in the next couple of days
What's been happening other than bears, dogs and other animals? Nothing much really. We have been over to France and had the house rewired so we might be able to start on the upstairs soon. At the moment you can see the stars if you look up so if we get some insulation up it might be a little warmer!!
back here in England we are about to put the apartment up for sale again. We should have had a viewing yesterday but they didn't show up- I will say no more!
My two daughters are on the move again. Anna is moving from a flat into a lovely little house in a couple of weeks time- she is only moving down the road so it shouldn't be too bad. Amy, who has been living in Sicily for the last 2 years has an interview in Bristol at the beginning of June so she might be coming back to live in the UK

Pop along and see the Little Scruffs on my website and remember you can reserve for up to 5 weeks.
That's all for now
Hugs, Jean

Saturday 30 March 2013

30th March 2013

A very happy Easter  to all of you. We have our daughter Amy home from Sicily and it is a non stop week of catching up with friends, partying and shopping for her before she goes back on Monday. Both the girls treated me to a Mum and Daughters spa day with afternoon tea followed by meeting up with the men for a lovely Tai meal on the night. Having just come back from 3 weeks in France which my husband spent ripping the bathroom apart and having to go to the local swimming baths for a shower, that spa day was most welcome!!!!
Of course before that I did the Hugglets bear fair in London. The day went by so quickly and was wonderful as always with many Little Scruffs finding new homes.
My website has a page for all the Little Scruffs that are available with the button saying Bears. There now seems to be as many dogs and other animals finding their way onto it  and causing confusion with people  so I have added an "Available" button also. One day I will give the website a revamp when I get another pair of hands!
Lots of new animals have gone onto the website this week including Maguire, below and a cat, mouse, dogs and of course bears

Once again enjoy your Easter break. The sun is shining here in Evesham